About Me

My name is Erick Mokaya, CFA, a Kenyan living in Sweden. 

I am an analyst/author of the Transcript, a niche weekly capital markets newsletter that aggregates key quotes from earnings calls.  I am also the founder of Mwango Capital which focuses on creating more efficient markets in East Africa. I also do company research at Colossus and some of my work includes such companies like SalesforceLVMH, and Atlas Copco. I was previously at a fintech called Klarna.

My edge and strength lie at the intersection of accounting and finance. Also, I am a bit of an expert on listening in on earnings calls and taking notes. I also have a good network within the African (esp East African) markets. I am active on Twitter and on Linkedin

Outside investing, I play 7-aside football as a right wingback, watch football (an ardent Manchester United fan for 20+ years), dance boogie-woogie, Lindy hop, and to any African beat, and spend time with loved ones.

These are some of the projects I am currently engaged in:

The Transcript

Mwango Capital

Seeking Alpha

Colossus Research Sample


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