About Me

My name is Erick Mokaya, CFA. I was formerly an analyst at Klarna and a Kenyan living in Sweden. 

I have a passion for financial markets and have pursued this via multiple avenues. I am a lead author of the Transcript, a niche weekly capital markets newsletter, and the founder of Mwango Capital. I invest in US and Nordic equities and, on a very small scale, in startups in Kenya. I am passionate about investing in people and in great businesses.

I enjoy writing as it helps make my thoughts clearer. I am insatiably curious about many topics beginning with anything related to financial markets, accounting, football, faith, and Africa. My edge and strength lie at the intersection of accounting and finance.

Outside investing, I play 7-aside football as a right wingback, watch football (ardent Manchester United fan), dance boogie-woogie, Lindy hop, and to any African beat, and spend time with loved ones.

Follow me on Twitter and find my professional profile on Linkedin

These are some of the projects I am currently engaged in:

The Transcript

Mwango Capital

Seeking Alpha

Colossus Research Sample




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