One piece of wisdom

My top ten quotes from an excellent blogpost by abnormal returns wisdom blog:

  • Morgan Housel @morganhousel: Cut your confidence in half and double your patience.
  • Peter Lazaroff @peterlazaroff: Losses are incredibly normal
  • Roger Nusbaum @randomroger:: Focus on what you can control.
  • David Shvartsman @financetrends: You are bound to make mistakes or endure a string of losses, especially early on in your learning curve.
  • Tobias Carlisle @greenbackd: Good things really do take time
  • Robert Seawright @rpseawright: Save more (a lot more).
  • Andrew Thrasher  @andrewthrasher: The long-term trend is your friend.
  • Michael Martin @martinkronicle: Turn off the TV and read every day.
  • Jeff Carter @pointsnfigures: You cannot beat the market.
  • Cullen Roche @cullenroche: Your best investments are likely to be made outside of the financial markets.



IFRS 16: A New Life for Leases

Off-to-on Balance Sheet

Deep in the throes of the Great Recession (2007 -2008), former International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) Chairman Sir David Philip Tweedie, in an oft-cited quote from a speech at The Empire Club of Canada, remarked that: “one of my great ambitions before I die is to fly in an aircraft that is on an airline’s balance sheet.” His remark was motivated by the fact that most airline companies use operating leases that appear as off-balance sheet items. Notably,

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