Buffett Interview with Charlie Rose

This is a rough transcript of the video interview of Warren Buffett by Charlie Rose which can be found here.

Still Tap Dancing

[00:00:00] Charlie: It’s great to see you 

[00:00:01] Buffett: It’s great to see you. I mean I’ve been in Omaha and I think I’ve made, prior to the last week, I’ve probably made two plane flights in two years. You know, one to see my sister and I just a….free at last!

[00:00:21] Charlie: You’re 91. 

[00:00:22] Buffett: I’m 91.

[00:00:25] Charlie:  Good health?

[00:00:26] Buffett:  I couldn’t be in better health. It’s a little discouraging to me that my partner in business life and everything else, Charlie Munger is 98.

[00:00:37] Charlie: And still going strong. 

[00:00:37] Buffett: I’m still the kid.

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On Remittances and Payments in Africa

Yesterday, I listened to a podcast by featuring Ham Serunjogi, the founder of Chipper Cash, an intra-Africa money transfer service. I here share a few notes and thoughts since it is an area I am interested in. By the way, relatably, Ham is Ugandan and went to school at Aga Khan, Mombasa, Kenya (I am proudly Kenyan 😉

What sucks? Sending money within Africa. Intra-Africa money transfer is a pain point. At 8.9% of the money sent, Africa has the highest remittance costs in the world. For every 100 dollars sent, around 9 dollars ends up as a cost. 

Source: Migration and Development Brief 32

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