So you’re looking to study or work in Sweden?

I came to Sweden around five years ago. This country has given me immense opportunities to build myself into what I have become and I am immensely grateful to the country, its people and most importantly to God. One thing that I am disappointed about myself a lot is that by now, I really should have learned the language and be fluent in it but I haven’t. I am an intermediate level speaker of the language for now. From my short experience here, I have few thoughts to share to those thinking of studying and working abroad specifically in Scandinavia.

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Learning a New Skill

I am learning a new skill this summer aka driving (don’t ask me why it has taken me so long to learn driving) and I have never felt more of a fool at something like I have these days. It reminded me of this quote by Mortimer Adler in How to Read a Book on how learning a new skill (driving for me and skiing in his example) can make you feel like a fool:

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My Quick Notes on Cryptocurrencies

I have lately taken a deep interest in cryptocurrencies. Reading on this is really like going down a rabbit hole. The thinking is impressive and the stories captivating.


This past week there has been a “civil war” in the Bitcoin world. The main contention is about an upgrade which some view as overdue to increase the transaction size of Bitcoin. Some users want the network upgraded to Segwit2 while others want to stick to the current segwit1. The way bitcoin development works is that Continue reading “My Quick Notes on Cryptocurrencies”

Recovering the joy of reading for fun

This past month or so, I have spent some time reflecting on reading as I read, among others, How to Read a book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren and The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction by Alan Jacobs. These are two books I consider excellent in helping on develop the art of reading. My heart has been jolted by

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IFRS 16: A New Life for Leases

Off-to-on Balance Sheet

Deep in the throes of the Great Recession (2007 -2008), former International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) Chairman Sir David Philip Tweedie, in an oft-cited quote from a speech at The Empire Club of Canada, remarked that: “one of my great ambitions before I die is to fly in an aircraft that is on an airline’s balance sheet.” His remark was motivated by the fact that most airline companies use operating leases that appear as off-balance sheet items. Notably,

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Johnson & Johnson: 3 Reasons To Be Optimistic From The Q2 Results

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) reported its Q2 results on July 19th 2016, which topped analysts’ estimates, leading the stock higher where it has stabilized since. We listened in on the earnings call and here are three reasons to be modestly bullish on the stock on the back of the Q2 results conference call.

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