Takeaways From Earnings Calls: Historic Traffic Levels In Cloud

Here is an excerpt of an article I wrote for Seeking Alpha:

We read transcripts of earnings calls each week and one key theme we have picked up in the last few weeks is the cloud. Several companies keep insisting on how they have been pushed to do more in the cloud. We explore this and more in this week’s edition Takeaways from Earnings Calls.

Historic traffic levels in cloud

While the cloud was already expected to be a booming business in the next decade or so, the expectation was for steady growth. What has happened in this pandemic though is that most companies have been forced to move their businesses to the cloud at a rate much faster than normal. This has resulted in high levels of traffic as adoption rates skyrocket. 

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On Racism in Scandinavia

You are probably sitting at home and watching things unfold in The States with wide-eyed disbelief and wondering at the extent of racism being displayed in public spaces. Let me disabuse you. Institutionalized and systemic racism exists everywhere. Systematic discrimination has become normalized to varying degrees everywhere. In many countries, especially those in Western Europe and Scandinavia, it is not visible to the naked eye, hence it is harder to identify and crack down upon. It is best understood as an invisible wall coupled with a reinforced glass ceiling that you cannot pin down. But it is there, everpresent and we have run into it more times than we care to admit. 

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So you’re looking to study or work in Sweden?

I came to Sweden around five years ago. This country has given me immense opportunities to build myself into what I have become and I am immensely grateful to the country, its people and most importantly to God. One thing that I am disappointed about myself a lot is that by now, I really should have learned the language and be fluent in it but I haven’t. I am an intermediate level speaker of the language for now. From my short experience here, I have few thoughts to share to those thinking of studying and working abroad specifically in Scandinavia.

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