Learning a New Skill

I am learning a new skill this summer aka driving (don’t ask me why it has taken me so long to learn driving) and I have never felt more of a fool at something like I have these days. It reminded me of this quote by Mortimer Adler in How to Read a Book on how learning a new skill (driving for me and skiing in his example) can make you feel like a fool:

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My Quick Notes on Cryptocurrencies

I have lately taken a deep interest in cryptocurrencies. Reading on this is really like going down a rabbit hole. The thinking is impressive and the stories captivating.


This past week there has been a “civil war” in the Bitcoin world. The main contention is about an upgrade which some view as overdue to increase the transaction size of Bitcoin. Some users want the network upgraded to Segwit2 while others want to stick to the current segwit1. The way bitcoin development works is that Continue reading “My Quick Notes on Cryptocurrencies”