The worst time to sell your stocks

Too quick to sell

There is no doubt that the markets were unprepared for Britain´s decision to exit the European Union (EU). The experts, the betting sites and even the fund managers got it horribly wrong as everyone was expecting Britain to remain in Europe (Bremain). Well the chickens came home to roost when the Brexit side won. The financial markets, calm the week before, were rattled as everyone wanted to sell their stocks before the markets dipped further. Those who

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The Courage to Act

When you want to know what to do in a banking crisis and want to learn it from the very best, the first place to start would be at the feet of Ben Bernanke. His book, the Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and Its Aftermath, is a detailed first hand account on the developments in the financial crisis taking you to the heart of the crisis and giving you a behind-the-scenes view of many of the decisions that had to be made in those very difficult circumstances. For the uninitiated,

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