5 Learning Points from Adventures’ decade in investing

I have been reading a bit on the journey of Adventures, a fund that invests in family-owned businesses in North America, which is detailed in their article titled A decade in reflection. The article reflects on their ten-year journey to 2017 and delivers on some delicious nuggets of wisdom for any student of investing. Here are my five points from the article.

Knowing that you do not know everything:

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Readings Digest 7.12.17: I Bought Some Bitcoin

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Bitcoin price has skyrocketed this year

I finally did buy me some Bitcoin! Not a lot but just enough to get me a piece of the Bitmania. I just opened an account at Blockchain.com and after a few easy steps, the account was up and running. I bought 0.002 Bitcoin. Who knew, you do not have to purchase a full bitcoin but a fraction of it?

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Readings Digest 17.11.17: Communicate Clearly

Chart : 


Men vs Women: Women tend to take less risk when investing


The inspiration for this week’s reflection is Tom brakke’s book Letters to a young analyst. It contains many nuggets of wisdom for the aspiring investment professional. Tom writes a series of letters to a young professional (Tim), one of which is on learning to communicate clearly.

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