Readings Digest 17.11.17: Communicate Clearly

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Men vs Women: Women tend to take less risk when investing


The inspiration for this week’s reflection is Tom brakke’s book Letters to a young analyst. It contains many nuggets of wisdom for the aspiring investment professional. Tom writes a series of letters to a young professional (Tim), one of which is on learning to communicate clearly.

“Too often, those who analyze investments are unable to communicate their ideas very well.” The ability to communicate clearly and succinctly is essential in Continue reading “Readings Digest 17.11.17: Communicate Clearly”

My Quick Notes on Cryptocurrencies

I have lately taken a deep interest in cryptocurrencies. Reading on this is really like going down a rabbit hole. The thinking is impressive and the stories captivating.


This past week there has been a “civil war” in the Bitcoin world. The main contention is about an upgrade which some view as overdue to increase the transaction size of Bitcoin. Some users want the network upgraded to Segwit2 while others want to stick to the current segwit1. The way bitcoin development works is that Continue reading “My Quick Notes on Cryptocurrencies”

Readings Digest 10.11.17: The Compounding Effect

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Source:  What I learned on Wall Street

Today´s post is on the power of compounding and is inspired by articles I read this week. Isaac Einstein once called it the eighth wonder of the world. We look at compounding from two perspectives: Actions and investments. Answer this question first: “Take a piece of paper that is 0.1mm think and fold it in half and then in half again, and again up to fifty folds. How thick will it be after 50 folds? Take a random guess on what the results would be?

The correct answer is

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