10 commandments of financial modelling

By Nick Colas formerly of Convergex via Barry Ritholz

Commandment #1: Know your purpose.

The lesson: The reason to do a financial model – one that forecasts future income statements, balance sheets and cash flows – is not just to figure out if the company in question will beat or miss the next quarter. Rather, it is to understand a company’s entire business model. Where does it

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One piece of wisdom

My top ten quotes from an excellent blogpost by abnormal returns wisdom blog:

  • Morgan Housel @morganhousel: Cut your confidence in half and double your patience.
  • Peter Lazaroff @peterlazaroff: Losses are incredibly normal
  • Roger Nusbaum @randomroger:: Focus on what you can control.
  • David Shvartsman @financetrends: You are bound to make mistakes or endure a string of losses, especially early on in your learning curve.
  • Tobias Carlisle @greenbackd: Good things really do take time
  • Robert Seawright @rpseawright: Save more (a lot more).
  • Andrew Thrasher  @andrewthrasher: The long-term trend is your friend.
  • Michael Martin @martinkronicle: Turn off the TV and read every day.
  • Jeff Carter @pointsnfigures: You cannot beat the market.
  • Cullen Roche @cullenroche: Your best investments are likely to be made outside of the financial markets.

From https://abnormalreturns.com/2017/06/08/finance-blogger-wisdom-one-piece-of-advice/


Johnson & Johnson: 3 Reasons To Be Optimistic From The Q2 Results

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) reported its Q2 results on July 19th 2016, which topped analysts’ estimates, leading the stock higher where it has stabilized since. We listened in on the earnings call and here are three reasons to be modestly bullish on the stock on the back of the Q2 results conference call.

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